Organic Matrix:
The Next Generation Sensors and electronics


Founded in 2018, Organic Matrix Sciences Limited (OM Sciences Ltd) is a privately-owned R&D company in Hong Kong. Our team develops cutting-edge sensor technology used in various areas ranging from medical, healthcare, environmental, and constructions aspects. Unlike conventional inorganic-based materials used in traditional sensors, the active materials used in our sensors comprise of carbon-based π-conjugated materials that provide an ease of sensor chip fabrication. The precursor materials used in our sensor are known as “conductor or semiconductor inks” which can be easily deposited onto a sensor substrate at moderate conditions such as printing at room temperature to afford a workable sensor.

Our R&D team also focuses on the synthesis and formulation of new organic electronic materials for printable electronics. The first generation organic matrix system is a US patent-protected technology used for sensor applications. OM’s multifunctional sensors provide low-cost, easy fabrication and high performance features that enable various analyte detection such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for air quality monitoring. Other applications include temperature gradient measurement for materials analysis and respiratory quality monitoring in healthcare or medical areas.