DBAND 2024 illustration
D-BAND prototype Device
D-BAND Health App
OM Sciences Sensing Materials. 5 milligrams of material be make up to 200 sensor devices


What is D-BAND?

Also known as the Ductless Breath Analysis Device. D-BAND is a portable wearable device used to monitor and record respiratory performance. The breath sensor used is made of disposable carbon-based electronics.

What can D-BAND do?

D-BAND is now a prototype device. Potential applications include medical device used for sleep apnea patients, new generation spirometers, or it can just be a health monitoring device used in sports activity.

What is D-BAND different from traditional breath monitoring device?

The disposable breath sensor is made up of carbon-based conducting polymers. The material itself is cheap, and fabrication of the sensor is simple. The sensor module can be made disposable when used as a medical device for diseases diagnosis to reduce the risk of disease transmission between individual patients, and can eliminate cross contamination problems in reused medical devices.

When used as a health device, the breath sensor can be made personal and link up to a mobile application to record respiratory behaviors or can be used as a training device used in aerobic sports. We are currently collaborating with athletes and sports enthusiasts to test our apps!

Tell me more!

The sensing material used in D-BAND is a patent protected novel sensing material known as conducting polymers. These materials have high performance in sensor technologies and are much cheaper than traditional inorganic materials. They are also considered to be more environmentally friendly than classical electronics. D-BAND is actually one of the very broad applications for printed electronics. Materials developed by our company can be used in OLEDs, 

D-BAND was also awarded the 2nd Runner Up in the Hardware Journey Eco-System: Contest Day 2021 held in HKSTP